• Pavel Neshyba
  • Tomáš Daněk


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System requirements

This is the identification program created for requirements of ammunition enthusiasts. It makes possible to identify the unknow cartridges according to easy detectable characteristics (fire,case shape, case length and the rim and base diameters). The working database currently consists of 1631 ammunition units.

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Key features - main screen

Picture shows the menu of the database. Up-to-date cartridge arrangement is set in compliance with the name and is possible to sort it and arrange it according to the cartridge length or bullet diameter. Dimensional characteristics are expressed in figures in millimeters (mm) or in inches (inch). The transition between the two systems is possible „ad hoc“ by pressing the appropriate key.

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Key features - cartridge detail

Picture shows the window of the chosen cartridge. Here you can find its characteristics such as the cartridge name (including historically established synonyms), the shape and dimensions of the cartridge and the brief summary of historical, loading and ballistic details which are connected to each cartridge and not least the graphics inclusive of significant developmental or loading versions. Quantitative characteristics of each cartridge are shown in the Metric System (mm), but one of the functions of this program is their „ad hoc“ conversion into the Anglo-Saxon Linear Measure (inch).

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Special features

The program enables the user to edit the text depending on his/her needs, ideas and knowledge, and not least to bring new pieces of knowledge resulting from his/her own collection. Part of the program is special functions. After their activation it is posible to insert new cartridges or delete those already introduced in the database, sort the database according to e.g. the cartridge name, bullet diameter or cartridge length. Special functions enables to search the database in view of shape and dimensional characteristics. Special functions include cartridge identification algorithm which helps you to identify an unknown cartridge in compliance with characteristics easily discoverable by searching or taking the measurements of specific parts of a cartridge particularly the case length, rim diameter and base diameter with a slide rule.

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DEMO version of the ND cartridges program is free of charge and is available to download HERE.
Its FULL version you can order HERE.

Double-click on the downloaded files and start the installation of DEMO version or FULL version in your computer now. On the screen of MS Windows a new icon will appear through which now you can enter the program. Read HELP (F1) carefully, it will help you to exploit all options and functions which the program provides.

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The ammunition database, along to its current considerable volume, is an open and continuously expanding system. Gnoseologically, on the one hand, with increasing number of knowledge and dialectically, on the other hand, with the development of new types of cartridges and their modifications.
Annually the number increases by 20-50. It is never ending work. For solitary amateurs it is sometimes very difficult to keep up with this trend. In addition to that the team work of enthusiasts interested in cartridges studying and collecting offers much easier way of searching, collecting and data processing.
This is the purpose why we appreciate your initiative, comments, advise, help and concern about this work.
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